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Herbalgram American Botanical Council, USA


Science: CAT Inist France - Antiinfluenza Activity of Plant Preparation BRONCHO PAM, Publishers: France, Bulgaria, Netherlands










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Do you have to go out or to work while with flu?

Did you have your flu for ages?

Do you worry when your boss starts coughing and sneezing near you?

You will love the Winter fairy tea, BRONCHOPAM and... you can also help your boss.



BRONCHO PAM (BRONCHOPAM)© and IMMUNE BRONCHO PAM© range for Asthma: Innovative formulas that cure completely asthma as well as chronic bronchitis. Without side effects. According to the clinical studies such results have not been demonstrated by any other preparation for asthma in the world. Clinically tested and approved at the Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria, The International institute for study of Avicenna heritage and pharmacology and Russian Academy of Sciences.

Effect: broncholytic, expectorative, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

CAUSES OF ASTHMA: Modern therapy with various antibiotics in childhood results more and more often in allergic states, whereby there appears a vicious circle of temporary improvement in the patient's state, followed by relapses of varying degrees. The disease becomes chronic and has lasting consequences throughout the patient's life. Today we have a range of theraupetic methods. Nevertheless, a highly effective threatment of asthma is yet to be found. The Global Initiative for Asthma estimates that nearly 300 million people worldwide have asthma. Rise has been noted in the last 10 years in many countries, incl. Britain, USA, Russia, and Baltic States – particularly children and elderly people. It is estimated that additional 100 million people could be diagnosed with asthma by 2025. (Sourse: The Global Initiative for asthma, http://www.ginasthma.org). Broncho Pam has been subjected to clinical tests. The ultimate effect of the therapy is healing wothout any relapses.

ASTHMA AS A GLOBAL CONTEMPORARY PROBLEM: According to Asthma UK asthma is a chronic, sometimes debilitating condition that has no cure. It keeps children out of school (for a total of 14 million lost school days each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control) and sidelines them from physical activity. Employers lose 12 million work days every year when asthma keeps adults out of the workplace. Only in UK the disease is responsible for nearly 2 million emergency-room visits a year. (Source: Asthma UK: http://www.asthma.org.uk )

Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range - the first clinically proven preparations to cure asthma completely without side effects. The preparations in Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range have been subjected to clinical tests and research at Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, The International institute for study of Avicenna heritage and Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Sciences, etc. It is important to note that these clinical studies have demonstrated that the biomedical phyto pharmaceutical formulas of Prof. Dr. Dimiter Pamukoff and Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff are without side effects.

According to the clinical studies such results have not been demonstrated by any other preparation for asthma in the world.

BRONCHO PAM® for influenza H1 N1 and H3 N2: Research by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, EU found out that Broncho Pam is effective for influenza H1 N1 and H3 N2, the most common epidemological agents.

BRONCHO PAM® Limited Edition is a leading natural remedy for flu and one of the best immune boosters. It has been clinically tested. It also stops the development of bronchitis and cures it. Great for children and adults, it is a renowned patented product that improves the immune and bronchial systems with long lasting effect. At the same time it is delicious herbal tea made with superior grades of plants. It is 100% natural and without side effects.

BRONCHO PAM® has gentle but powerful effect. During the clinical studies it was recorded that the effect of BRONCHO PAM is seen after 2 to 5 days. The results are with staying power.

This amazing organic drink is the FIRST BOUTIQUE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT in the world and is also a luxurious fashion inspired tea. It comes under the slogan Winter Fairy Tea. Be healthy in style!

THE STORY: BRONCHO PAM® by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff, MD has been renowned internationally for its fabulous taste and proven effect for bronchitis and flu. Dr. Pamukoff has found during his 70 years long practice that fresh botanical water extracts (herbal teas) are the best forms of winter supplements. Our unique product has been selling successfully in many European countries.


WHY BOUTIQUE: Only 15,000 boxes of The Winter Fairy Tea BRONCHO PAM® Limited Edition will be sold worldwide due to its rare exceptional medical plants. It is made with superior grades of thyme with fresh lemon scent. This amazing drink also contains echinacea flowers and peppermint ranked as the best one in the world and other botanicals from the famous Valley of the Kings or the Valley of Roses. This valley is famous with its golden treasures and with its very rare climate. Plants with exceptionally high content of essential oils have been grown there for centuries. It is the homeland of the rose oil in Chanel No 5.

Our plants have been cultivated especially for BRONCHO PAM® by leading European botanical experts. There are no additives and no caffeine in it. Use of exquisite cultivated herbs ensures consistently high quality in all of our products. In addition, Dr. Pamukoff believes that we have a duty to protect the environment for future generations and to use cultivated plants to preserve natural habitats.

SATISFACTION: Why has our innovative product been recognised with so many gold awards and Grand Prix? Prof. Dr. Pamukoff, a director of PAM MEDICA UK, has worked meticulously on each aspect of this amazing drink, so you can enjoy its benefits to support your busy lifestyle. He believes that natural products should be based on scientific research, but can also be luxurious. Patients like its fresh taste and powerful effect.



BRONCHITIS: The total size of your lungs structure is as big as a tennis court and for that reason it can take 2 to 6 months to heal serious forms of bronchitis.

Only premium eco friendly materials and natural glue have been used in the production of our box. We have developed BRONCHO PAM® with Echinacea flowers in compliance with the best world standards.



“... Even after a day I felt the beneficial effects of this herbal tea which was soothing and comforting. Since taking BRONCHO PAM I have recommended it to friends and family. I recommended it to my father in-law who has respiratory problems. He has been taking it for only a few weeks and has started to notice real benefits. This really is a product worth trying and is easy and enjoyable to take.”

Brian Wishart, HR Director, Scotland


"BRONCHO PAM is very tasty herbal tea. Lovely and smooth tasting."

David Couch, Citibank, London, UK






7 reasons to choose BRONCHO PAM® LIMITED EDITION AND BRONCHO PAM® ORIGINAL with Echinacea flowers…

We have carefully thought about everything, so you can enjoy the benefits of our product!

EFFECT: The herbs in BRONCHO PAM are with anti-microbial, bactericide, anti-inflammatory, broncholytic and anti-allergic effect. The combination supports the immune and the bronchial systems and it is very beneficial for children and adults in cases of acute, chronic, allergic bronchitis as well as asthmatic bronchitis. It is excellent for flu and for general immune support.

CONTRADICTIONS: None. The product can be taken alongside supplements and medicines.


1. Premium BIOMEDICAL botanical preparations formulated by Dr. Pamukoff fort asthma as well as your immune and bronchial systems. BRONCHO PAM® range is established and renowned that has been selling in many countries in Europe and has won international recognition for its effect and quality.

2. New formula with Echinacea flowers: We now bring you the original formula, improved further by the addition of Echinacea and other medical plants for your immune system. Echinacea does not grow naturally in Europe and the herb has been cultivated for our product under the supervision of the reputable Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This botanical species originates from the prairies of North America.

3. Fresh aroma and taste, delightful for children and adults: BRONCHO PAM’s© delightful and luxurious taste is very popular among children and adults. Its naturally sweet taste comes from the use of carefully selected liquorice. It also contains echinacea flowers, peppermint ranked as the best one in the world and other botanical plants from the famous Valley of Roses. This amazing valley has very rare climate and plants with exceptionally high content of essential oils and active molecules have been grown there for centuries. It is the homeland of the famous Bulgarian rose oil used for the most exclusive perfumes like Chanel No 5.

BRONCHO PAM® LIMITED EDITION is made with rare superior grades of thyme with fresh lemon scent. This special Edition is even more aromatic and delicious than the original BRONCHO PAM©.

4. Exquisite botanical selection of biomedical plants developed jointly with leading European botanical specialists. We have developed plants with exceptionally high quality rich in premium essential oils. There are no additives in our products.

We believe that our use of the finest cultivated herbs has many benefits for your health and for the future of our green planet.

Our plantations are controlled by experienced specialists and by Dr. Pamukoff to guarantee consistent quality.

5. Top world standards: We have developed BRONCHO PAM© and IMMUNO BRONCHO PAM© range in compliance with the best world standards and we have worked with many internationally recognized experts. Our partners have implemented leading certified manufacturing practices to guarantee excellent quality.

6. Larger pack: the extra size of our box with 30 teabags is relevant to the recommended usage to achieve beneficial results.

7. Premium green packaging: Only premium materials, non-toxic inks and natural glue have been used in the production of our box.