If you are seriously interested in healthy slimming

Slim Pam for Women is among the best slimming products on the market and is known as “The Celebrity Drink.” Every extra pound is visible on the screen. This is why fashion models, actresses and sports stars have been using Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s natural combination for years.

The product has been clinicaly tried on hundreds of women, with proven effectiveness. It offers you weight loss without diets and physical exhaustion and helps you feel pretty throughout your busy day.

Your healthy way to beauty.

Years of clinical research

Each of our products has been developed over 10+ years

Highest quality standards

From higher quality ingredients to stricter manufacturing control, quality is signed in our name

Award-winning science

Multiple awards for innovation

Higher level of active ingredients

“Our 100% natural products have been developed with leading scientists find the best botanical species

  • Supports weight loss using natural medicinal plants
  • Beneficial effect for the lymphatic system, the hormonal (endocrine) system and the metabolism
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system and liver functioning
  • Strengthens the bone and muscular systems
  • Helps the figure appear more toned
  • Anti-ageing effect

Slim Pam is the first weight loss supplement series worldwide that has gone through complex research and clinical tests. The conducted study involved 238 people with an average age 38.15 ± 11.12 years. They demonstrated 36.2% improved results in average weight loss in comparison to alternative methods for weight loss. The study also demonstrated effectiveness in 91.9 % of the patients. At the end of the study the highest proportion of patients have had their BMI normalised.

Slim Pam Effect: During the health tests many patients point out that after using Slim Pam they feel more alert and energetic. This is due to:

  • Improved metabolism. The innovative biomedicine balances the metabolism hormones Incretin, ghrelin, leptin and insulin.
  • Stimulation of the formation of the regenerating youth hormones HGH and DHEA, as well as key androgenic hormones, whose levels otherwise decline considerably and progressively in the body after the age of 30 to 60. When levels of HGH and DHEA are reduced and androgenic hormones such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women are imbalanced, slim people start gaining weight. Recent results indicate androgens inhibit the ability of some fat cells to store lipids by blocking a signal transduction pathway that normally supports adipocyte function.
  • Regulates digestive system and improves gastritis and colitis
  • Improved Lifestyle: 2% of patients reported improved lifestyle as a result of Slim Pam therapy incl. better self esteem, improved family life and increased levels of energy.

The Slim Pam Series has received 12 innovation awards.

Weight-loss which also improves your health

Slim Pam for women is clinically tested and proven product, chosen by thousands of women. For the woman who wants to look good with minimal investment of time and effort.

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