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Exquisite botanical quality of herbs

Care for you and our green planet: Why did we jointly develop our premium quality herbs with one of the leading European botanical experts?


Our Innovation and Research Centre for Biomedicine, Biotechnologies and Phytotherapy and Pam Medica are working with premium biogrown plants to ensure the outstanding and consistent quality of our biomedical products is up to the highest standards.


The very high levels of finest essential oils in our fresh herbs guarantee their exceptional properties as well as their fine taste and aroma delightful for children and adults.


Their premium quality is controlled by experienced specialists, as well as by Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff.


Our finest selection of exquisite herbs has been developed jointly with one of the leading European scientific institutions, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). Together we have cultivated plants with high levels of valuable essential oils. In the best academic tradition the scientists at BAN have also devoted their life to nature preservation and endangered plants.


Pam Medica invests in our green future and sustainability of resources. We believe that our use of finest cultivated herbs has many benefits for your health and for the health of our planet.