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PAM MEDICA: Our Innovation and Award Winning Products

The secret of a successful natural biomedical phytotherapy product is that its development is a complex process. It often takes more than 10 years of diligent work before going to a production stage.

medals - all 2015


Intetnational Awards for Innovation and Contributions to Public Healthcare



products_nPAMMEDICA is a EU biomedical company. We are working in compliance with the highest world standards and with leading international experts to produce outstanding natural products for your health, beauty, youth and energy.


Furthermore, we are in collaboration with leading scientists to find the best botanical species. The level of essential oils in our special, cultivated plants is 1.5 to 7 times higher than the levels found in wild species.


Our outstanding herbs and food supplements go through laboratory controls to meet strict, standardised quality requirements. They are in the TOP 1% of the natural products in the EU.




Slimming Herbal Supplements


  • one of the best weight loss supplements regulating metabolism, digestion and the cardio-vascular system.
  • Effective: Dr. Pamukoff takes the support of metabolism very seriously after his long research. For that reason his product is with proven effectiveness.

The result from his famous SLIMPAM natural supplement is that 4 to 7 lbs (2 to 4 kg) of fat can be lost in 4 weeks in a natural way without exhausting diets. Losing weight more rapidly can be achieved but is not advisable as otherwise your skin may not adapt to your new shape.


  • Known as the Celebrity slimming drink: Ballerinas, models and actors know that each extra pound is visible on stage. Many of them use SLIMPAM especially created to help maintain slender figure.



Indira, model and actress: "My colleagues have been recommending SLIMPAM®. I decided to try it when I gained extra weight and I have lost 17 lbs after taking it."


  • Clients ask:
  • Why do you have capsules with plants as well as teabags with plants in SLIMPAM? Dr. Pamukoff has placed in teabags the plants that need to be steeped in hot water in order to obtain their active ingedients in the form of a fresh extract. The benefits are that fresh plant extracts do not need preservatives and also release their active ingredients very rapidly in your digestion system. Then, Dr. Pamukoff has placed in the capsules herbs rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and other valuable elements that can be lost in high temperatures.
  • SLIMPAM in the media SlimPam has been featured as an amazingly effective slimming treatment in Beauty Business News, UK

  • SLIMPAM What are its benefits? Why has its been awarded with so many international awards??
  • Natural support for the regulation of your weight with long-lasting results
  • Beneficial for the support of your metabolism
  • Beneficial for male sexual system (SLIMPAM® for men) and female sexual system (SLIMPAM® for women)
  • Beneficial for your lymphatic system
  • Beneficial for reduction of celulite
  • Valuable for healthy younger looking skin and hair
  • 100% natural and without side effects
  • Visibly improved figure


More interesting information, effect and directions for use: SLIMPAM: effective and best-selling supplement for fast weight loss with long-lasting results





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Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range








Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range has been subjected to clinical tests. The ultimate effect of the therapy is healing wothout any relapses.



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BRONCHO PAM (BRONCHOPAM)© and IMMUNO BRONCHO PAM© range for Asthma: Biomedical phytopharmaceutical inventions that cure completely asthma as well as chronic bronchitis. Without side effects. According to the clinical studies such results have not been demonstrated by any other preparation for asthma in the world. Clinically tested and approved at the Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria, The International institute for study of Avicenna heritage and pharmacology and Russian Academy of Sciences. Effect: broncholytic, expectorative, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory


Modern therapy with various antibiotics in childhood results more and more often in allergic states, whereby there appears a vicious circle of temporary improvement in the patient's state, followed by relapses of varying degrees. The disease becomes chronic and has lasting consequences throughout the patient's life. Today we have a range of theraupetic methods. Nevertheless, a highly effective threatment of asthma is yet to be found. The Global Initiative for Asthma estimates that nearly 300 million people worldwide have asthma. Rise has been noted in the last 10 years in many countries, incl. Britain, USA, Russia, and Baltic States – particularly children and elderly people. It is estimated that additional 100 million people could be diagnosed with asthma by 2025. (Sourse: The Global Initiative for asthma, http://www.ginasthma.org). Broncho Pam has been subjected to clinical tests. The ultimate effect of the therapy is healing wothout any relapses.


According to Asthma UK asthma is a chronic, sometimes debilitating condition that has no cure. It keeps children out of school (for a total of 14 million lost school days each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control) and sidelines them from physical activity. Employers lose 12 million work days every year when asthma keeps adults out of the workplace. Only in UK the disease is responsible for nearly 2 million emergency-room visits a year. (Source: Asthma UK: http://www.asthma.org.uk )


Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range - the first clinically proven preparations to cure asthma completely without side effects. The preparations in Broncho Pam© and Immuno Broncho Pam© range have been subjected to clinical tests and research at Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, The International institute for study of Avicenna heritage and Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Sciences, etc. It is important to note that these clinical studies have demonstrated that the biomedical phytopharmaceutical formulas of Dr. Dimiter Pamukoff and Roxandra Pamukoff are without side effects.


According to the clinical studies such results have not been demonstrated by any other preparation for asthma in the world.


  • BRONCHO PAM (BRONCHOPAM)® Limited Edition, Winter Fairy Tea, with Echinacea Flowers, delicious specially developed for children - the first boutique tea in the world! It is with fresh exquisite lemon thyme from the famous Valley of Roses. A premium herbal tea blend for immune and bronchial support.


    Other cutting-edge biomedical formulas developed by Dr. Pamukoff:

    • CHOLO PAM (CHOLOPAM) PLUS © – for the treatment of gall bladder and gall duct dyskinesia and gall stone disease
    • DISOVARIO PAM (DISOVARIOPAM)© for the treatment of ovarian dyskinesia, and cysts
    • GASTRO PAM (GASTROPAM)© for the treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis and colitis
    • GASTRO PAM A (GASTROPAM A)© for the treatment of chronic gastritis with decreased acidity with/ without ulcer, dyskinesia of the bile ducts, lack of appetite
    • ENURESO PAM (ENURESOPAM)© for the treatment of enuresis (bed wetting) in children
    • EPI PAM (EPIPAM)© for the treatment of epilepsy in children and adults
    • APHRO PAM (APHROPAM)© boosts sexual potency while stimulating the function of the hearth

    Bath preparations

    • SEDA PAM 1 (SEDAPAM 1)© for the treatment of stress
    • SEDA PAM 2 (SEDAPAM 2)© for the treatment of stress combined with high blood pressure
    • DERMA PAM (DERMAPAM)© for the treatment of dermatologic conditions
    • ARTRO PAM (ARTROPAM)© for the treatment of joint conditions


    Dr. Pamukoff has developed over 250 recipes.


    His products have been successful in the European Union, Russia, the republics of the former Soviet Union and many Asian countriies. The whole range of his products is prescribed in our clinic.


    Please contact us for more details.