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Effective • Delightful • Natural


Better than Echinacea alone!

Premium product for the winter when your immune and respiratory systems could do with a lift!






Herbalgram American Botanical Council


Science: CAT Inist France - Antiinfluenza Activity of Plant Preparation BRONCHO PAM





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Click to buy WINTER FAIRY TEA: BRONCHOPAM Limited Edition or BRONCHO PAM Original





The best natural remedy for flu & bronchitis is made of 2 tea bags BRONCHOPAM Limited Edition with lemon thyme or 2 tea bags BRONCHOPAM Original.

Both products contain Echinacea to boost your immune system and herbal combination with powerful antiviral herbs and plants to support your bronchial system. 

Drink 3 to 4 cups per day.

Dr. Pamukoff, MD


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I started taking Dr. Pamukoff's BRONCHO PAM with Echinacea tea early last winter. I have to say the tea has a very pleasant taste and must have helped as I was feeling OK all winter long despite it being the coldest one in the last 30 years.


The tea comes in a high quality packaging and smell with strong undertone of peppermint. I would recommend Dr Pamukoff's tea to anyone who would like to support their immune system with some natural ingredients.

 Jacob S., Consultant, London, UK



I took a box of BRONCHO PAM with Echinacea for my son. Paul would usually suffer with illnesses several times each winter but he hadn't had anything really serious since he started drinking Broncho Pam. He is taking it every morning and every evening when he comes back home. Paul likes the taste of this herbal tea and drinks it with pleasure.

Elisabeth White, Marketing Executive, London, UK 



BRONCHO PAM with Echinacea is very tasty herbal tea. Lovely and smooth tasting.

David Couch, Citibank, London, UK



I am not someone who would normally try herbal products but this came recommended. It is an enjoyable tea in its own right and has an immediate good effect, particularly when you are feeling a bit low in the winter. It is  clearly a product that has been well researched with attention to detail from the quality of the ingredients through to the taste and smell. The carefully prepared ingredients for this tea make it stand out from other herbal teas I have tried. From the moment you open the box you can tell that this is a high quality product.


Even after a day I felt the beneficial effects of this herbal tea, which was soothing and comforting. Since taking BRONCHO PAM I have recommended it to friends and family. I recommended it to my father in-law who has respiratory problems and a very bad cough. He has been taking it for only a few weeks and has started to notice real benefits. This really is a product worth trying and is easy and enjoyable to take.

Brian Wishart, HR Director, Scotland  




BRONCHO PAM is a wonderful blend of very powerful herbs, which have a fine taste and also help strengthen the immune system. When I first opened the box of Broncho Pam I immediately felt a very pleasant herbal aroma. If you enjoy herbal teas and would like to give some support to your body's natural defences, Broncho Pam is certainly a tea for you.

  Dr. Peter Kaznacheev, Executive Director, Khaznah Strategies, London




Last month I've had an infection, for which my GP prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics helped to reduce the main symptoms of my infection, but still I was feeling weak and easily tired during the day time. A friend of mine recommended trying BRONCHO PAM as it helped him. I took his advice and tried out BRONCHO PAM for a week. After 3 - 4 days I noticed that if I drank a last cup of BRONCHO PAM tea just before going to bed I felt more energised during the day. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that BRONCHO PAM tastes like a nice herbal tea rather than a regular medicine. I am definitely planning to stock up on BRONCHO PAM for the next winter season. 

Dr. M. Malyshkina, MD, Epidemiology




With so many people at work with winter ailments, it was only a matter of time before something got to me, and it did. I had started to drink a cup of BRONCHO PAM with Echinacea Flowers each day but on one Friday in February I had the early symptoms – dryness in the throat and that head cold feeling. It was suggested to me to use two teabags per cup. On the Sunday I was ready for the usual advancement of the cold my to throat and taking hold on my chest for the next week. Amazingly this didn't happen! On Monday all that was left was that taste of cold you have in your head at the end and I was able to travel to an interview without distraction. 


In fact, soon after, I introduced it to a friend of mine who experienced exactly the same. This is a must in supporting the immune system and has a wonderfully smooth and moreish taste for a daily tea drink. 

 Trevor – Company Director, Suffolk, England, UK




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