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PROF. DR. PAMUKOFF: One of the founders of Scientific Phytotherapy and Biomedicine




Prof. Dr. Dimiter Pamukoff, MD (also known as Dr. Dimiter Pamukov) is renowned for his innovative medicines for many incurable diseases like asthma and also as one of the founders of Biomedicine and Scientific Phytotherapy in Europe. This is a medical discipline that examines the biochemical components and the biological molecules of medicinal plants as well as their practical therapeutic effect using modern research methods.

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff's scientific research and medicines have been awarded with prizes from Great Britain, European Union, France, Russia, Swizerland and other including the top Award of the State Administration for Traditional Medicine in the Chinese Ministry of Health granted to very few leading scientists in Phytotherapy outside of China. Over 2 million copies of his books have been printed in many languages and his most famous books are entitled Nature’s Pharmacy, first published in 1981 and Home Pharmacy, first published in 1992. Dr. Pamukoff’s products have been selling internationally for around 30 years.

Born in Rousse in 1922, a picturesque town on the river Danube, Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has been working extensively with medicinal herbs since 1942 when he was specialising in the Army’s Medical Corps. During the Second World War his medical help to the suffering soldiers on the front line and his bravery have been awarded a number of times.

After the Second World War Prof. Dr. Pamukoff continued his research of medicinal plants while stydying medicine. In 1946 he started working in the practice of the legendary and successful herbal practitioner Dr. Erebakanov.

In 1951 he graduated at the most prestigious Bulgarian Medical University – the Academy of Medical Sciences in Sofia.



First clinic in Biomedicine and Scientific Phytotherapy: A pioneering worldwide clinic





In 1972 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff founded a PHYTOTHERAPY Department reporting directly to the minister of Health in Bulgaria. It was the first biomedical phytotherapy center in Bulgaria in the Ministry of Health. It was also among the first Phytotherapy centers in the world. Its medical success contributed to its further growth and development.

In 1975 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff established and directed the ground-breaking SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER in the Ministry of Health, which was among the pioneering and leading clinics worldwide. It had medical units in many district hospitals and over 540,000 patients from all over the world received treatment there.

The Scientific Phytotherapy Center had 3 specialist departments: Internal Medicine, Maternity and Gynaecological and Paediatric Unit. Highly qualified experts managed these departments. Their outstanding professionalism further contributed to the scientific research at the clinic.

The continuous success of the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic in the treatment of difficult medical conditions such as asthma, enuresis, epilepsy, as well as many other illnesses strengthened its reputation and growth. It was so popular that there was a 6 to 18 months waiting list. In 1980 the Ministry of Public Health opened Scientific Phytotherapy departments in each district hospital in Bulgaria.

Many celebrities have been treated in the clinic of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff – actors, singers, writers, scientists as well as politicians. His success with difficult medical conditions was such that thousands of patients have come to see him from many countries around the globe – UK, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, USSR, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, Dubai, Sri Lanka etc.

A section devoted to the scientific work of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff and the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic can be found in the historic book ‘'Green Pharmacy’' (London 1981) by Barbara Griggs. The book presented an authoritative study on the history and evolution of western botanical medicine from ancient days of Greece and Rome to modern biomedicine and received excellent reviews by leading scientists and journalists around the globe.



Medical and Scientific Success



Prof. Dr. Pamukoff gained international fame and he was recognised as one of the leading European experts in Biomedicine and Phytotherapy. His innovative products and the success of the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic triggered great interest in UK and France. He was also asked to present his scientific findings at a large number of medical seminars in UK, Germany, China Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, USSR, Russia, Ukraine, etc.


He was actively working with his colleagues for the development of Biomedicine and Scientific Phytotherapy. In 1976 the discipline became a part of the standard curriculum for students in medicine. Under their influence in the following year – 1977, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria approved a national program for sustainability, preservation and cultivation of medicinal plants.

For around 20 years Prof. Dr. Pamukoff was lecturing Scientific Phytotherapy professional development courses for medical doctors and pharmacists.

In 1993 Dr. Pamukoff established PHYTO PAM, a private clinic where he has given treatment to thousands of patients. He has continued developing Scientific Phytotherapy and published a number of books.

In 2007 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff became Scientific and Medical Director of PAM MEDICA, an international entity with head office in London that focuses on research and development of new Phytotherapy formulas (Phyto Pharmaceuticals). It works in compliance with the highest world standards and with leading international experts to produce outstanding natural and biomedical products for your health, beauty, youth and energy.

Dr_Peterson_microscope_web Its cutting edge medical research is renowned around the world and has been awarded with the top awards for innovation of France, Belgium, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and many other countries.


PAM MEDICA is working with leading scientists to find the best botanical species. The level of essential oils in its specially cultivated plants is 1.5 to 7 times higher than the levels found in wild species.


The outstanding biomedicines by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff as well as the medical plants used by PAM MEDICA go through laboratory controls to meet strict, standardised quality requirements. They are in the TOP 1% of the natural products in the EU.


Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff Peterson, PhD has established Innovation and Research Centre for Biomedicine, Biotechnologes and Phytothetarpy and is R&D Director. She is also  the second leading figure in PAM MEDICA being accountable for Quality Control and R&D.


Since 2014 she is a Board Member of the Union of Inventors of Bulgaria, accountable for the International Relations in Innovations. She is also a member of the Association of European Inventors.


Previously she worked with Prof. Dr. Pamukoff on R&D projects in the SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER and PHYTO PAM.


In addition, she has 10 years management and global consulting experience in leading FTSE 100 corporations such as Microsoft, British Petroleum, Citibank, Barclays Bank, etc. She holds qualifications in Epidemiology and Healthcare Management (Post Graduate), Phytotherapy and Biomedicine, Project Management - PRINCE2, Finance, etc.


Her cutting edge PhD dissertation is: Phytotherapy and Natural Lifestyle as a Component of a Complex Programme for a Better Quality of Life of People with Obesity.


Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff has also been awarded with many professional and academic prizes.




Top International Awards from 3 Continents for Innovation and Contribution to Medicine

medals - all 2015

Innovation and R&D

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has been developing many phytotherapy preparations for the treatment of difficult medical conditions such as obesity, asthma, enuresis, epilepsy, as well as many other illnesses.


The development of each preparation took around 10 years of diligent scientific work. Biomedical and clinical tests were conducted independently in a number of hospitals and scientific institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. Each study has demonstrated outstanding positive results. The products of Dr. Pamukoff have gained a quick acceptance in Bulgaria as well as in the former USSR, Russia, EU and many Asian countries, including China and India.


The innovative biomedicines by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff and Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff have been awarded with Grand Prix from France and Portugal and Gold medal Eureka from EU, as well as Gold medals from USA, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Gold medal Tesla. Their innovative research has been also recognised for its outstanding contribution to biochemistry with the International Big Chemical Award for Innovations, given to only one inventor in the world per year. In addition Prof. Dr. Pamukoff holds the award of the Chinese Ministry of Health - State Administration for Traditional Medicine, given only to few leading medical scientists.


Some of his most famous patents are BRONCHO PAM©, SLIM PAM©, CHOLO PAM© and other.


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Articles featuring the scientific research of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff have been published in journals and newspapers in Germany, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, USA, USSR, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Mexico, etc.

Over 2 million copies of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s books have been printed in many languages. The first book by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff was published back in 1968 and it was called "Medicinal Plants and Their Usage".

Together with one of the leading European experts in Pharmacognosy* directing the Pharmacognosy research at the Pharmaceutical Faculty at the Medical University, Sofia, Prof. Hristo Ahtardjiev, Prof. Dr. Pamukoff wrote the best-seller "Natural Pharmacy". Some authors translate the title from Bulgarian to English as "Nature's Pharmacy" - it is the same book and both translations of the title are similar and correct. The book has been published in Czechoslovakia (1986), Slovakia (1991) and Ukraine (1991). The aim of this book was to present a contemporary comprehensive study of Phytotherapy. The information there is scientifically proven. It is based on published international scientific research, experiments and clinical studies as well as on the cutting-edge R&D conducted in the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic. It was written for Phytotherapy practitioners, medical doctors, pharmacists and the general audience.

"I am in fact leaving next week for Czechoslovakia to examine phytotheraupetic developments there, having had a Czech citizen working here in Cambridge with me for the last year – indeed she had taken your book with her, and liked it very much." Dr. M. R. Stuart, leading British herbalist and creator of Dr. Stuart’s medicinal teas in a letter to Prof. Dr. Pamukoff, 10 January 1992



* Pharmacognosy: the pharmaceutical study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin.

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