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SLIM PAM©: the celebrity drink

for a perfect figure



Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff, PhD, R&D Director - Innovation and Research Centre for Biomedicine, Biotechnologies and Phytotherapy: "I am using Slim Pam© and I have observed its excellent effect on hundreds of satisfied women"




How to lose weight fast


without exhausting diets or exercise?




SLIMPAM acknowledged

with Gold Medals and Grand Prix:



USA, France, Portugal


Celebrities - ballerinas, models and actors know that each extra pound is visible on stage. Many of them use SLIMPAM® especially created to help maintain slender figure. It is now famous as the Celebrity slimming drink. Many of our clients say it is the best weight loss supplement.

Many people ask us how to lose weight fast. They found that diet and exercise do not help them. SLIMPAM® is best-selling and effective slimming natural supplement helping metabolism, digestion, constipation and the cardio-vascular system. It is based on 100% natural herbal ingredients and award-winning research.

The result is that 4 to 7 lbs (2 to 4 kg) of fat can be lost in 4 weeks in a natural way by people following a healthy eating regime without exhausting diets or exercise.




Maria Valentino, model and actress: "My colleagues have been recommending SLIMPAM®. I decided to try it when I gained extra weight and I have lost 14 lbs after taking it."



Clients often ask:


Your question: Can I eat chocolates while taking SLIMPAM®? Yes you can and you will still see good weight loss results. Losing weight should not be an exhausting experience for you, it should be fun. Your food should be varied.



Indira Kasimova, ballerina and model: "I am also using Slim Pam to maintain my figure. I lost 9 lbs for 3 monhs."


Your question: Can I lose weight faster? After more than 30 years of research Dr. Pamukoff found that faster weight loss can be achieved but this is not advisable as when you lose weight too quickly your skin may not adapt to your new shape and it may become lose with wrinkles. For that reason SLIMPAM® contains medical plants rich in antioxidants as well as in vitamins A, E and C, etc. helping your skin look younger.


Your question: Why do you have together capsules as well as teabags with plants in SLIMPAM®? Dr. Pamukoff has placed in teabags the plants that need to be steeped in hot water in order to obtain a fresh extract. The benefits are that fresh plant extracts do not need preservatives and also release their active ingredients very rapidly in your digestive system. Then, Dr. Pamukoff has placed in the capsules herbs rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and other valuable elements that can be lost in high temperatures to preserve these valuable elements.








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For fast and effective weight loss

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  • Natural support for the regulation of your weight with long-lasting results
  • Beneficial for the support of your metabolism
  • Beneficial for your endocrine system. Beneficial for male sexual system (SLIMPAM® for men) and female sexual system (SLIMPAM® for women)
  • Beneficial for reduction of cellulite
  • Valuable for healthy younger looking skin and hair
  • 100% natural and without side effects
  • Visibly improved silhouette





ClinicOn-line consultation: Each of us is different. Please e-mail us for specialised consultation or if you have any questions - Link to contact us




Your letters and testimonials about SLIMPAM:


Sharon, 36: my metabolism had slowed down over the last few years and I had put on 10 lbs of stubborn fat. I am delighted because in 6 weeks I have lost the 10 lbs and would definitely recommend SLIMPAM for women to anyone.


Peter 41: I used to exercise a lot. When I stopped I gained 12 kg. I am glad that after using SLIMPAM for men for 3 or 4 months I quickly lost this extra weight without changing my lifestyle.


Robert 53, SLIMPAM for Men has been fantastic in 7 weeks. I have lost 17 lb without changing what I eat, I still have a few more pounds to lose so will be using it for a couple more weeks.


Kylie 24, Great stuff! After taking SLIMPAM for women I have lost 11 lbs and I looked astonishing during my summer holiday in Ibiza.


Michael 34 I am going to the gym almost every day. However, I had 2 or 3 stubborn inches of fat around my waist. I have tried many products with minimum effect. After using SLIMPAM for Men for 5 weeks my abdominal area is in excellent shape.





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Prof. Dr. Dimiter Pamukoff with his award winning

innovative medicines




The inventions of Dr. Pamukoff can help for Your






Award Winning Research & Innovations

USA • INPEX • June 2014


Gold Medal for Innovation

kipa award

KIPA Special Award



Swizerland • Geneva Inventions • April 2014


Big Chemical Award for Innovation


Inventarium Science • Gold Medal for Innovation

INNOVA • Brussels • EU • November 2013




Eureka, Brussels EU - Gold Medal

Europe France Inventeurs - Grand Prix: Slim Pam and Broncho Pam

Taiwan Prominent Inventor Association - Special Gold Award



VII International Invention Show IWIS • October 2013 • Warsaw • EU


Gold Medal for Innovation






South Korean Invention Academy • Gold Special Award for Innovation






The inventions of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff can help


for Your




Followed by: Plants as Medicines. What are Their Secrets??? 






PROF. DR. PAMUKOFF, MD: One of the Founders of

Scientific Phytotherapy and Biomedicine



medals - all 2015

Award Winning Research Since 1942




Prof. Dr. Pamukoff, MD, also known as Dr. Dimiter Pamukov is a world-famous doctor renowned for his innovative medicines for many incurable diseases and also as one of the founders of Scientific Phytotherapy and Biomedicine in Europe.


Scientific Phytotherapy is modern herbal biomedicine at its best. It examines the biochemical molecules of plants and their medical effect using modern research methods.

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has been studying the active components and molecules of plants for more than 65 years. He has also been researching the achievements of traditional medicine that has been developing effective remedies for thousands of years. Phyto, which is the Greek for "derived from plants", merges active plant botanicals with modern science for wholesome formulas that travel to the root of the problem.


In his 80's in 2007 prof. Dr. Pamukoff became a Scientific and Medical Director of PAM MEDICA, an international entity with head office in London that focuses on research and development of new Phytotherapy formulas (Phyto Pharmaceuticals).

BOOKS and INVENTIONS: Over 2 milion copies of his books have been printed in many languages and his most famous books are entitled Natural Pharmacy, first published in 1981 and Home Pharmacy, first published in 1992. Dr. Pamukoff’s products have been selling internationally for around 30 years. More information on books, R&D and innovation


AWARDS: Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has received many international awards from Great Britain, European Union, France, Russia, Swizerland, Poland and other including the top award of the State Administration for Traditional Medicine in the Chinese Ministry of Health granted to very few leading scientists outside of China for their exceptional contribution to the advancement of biomedicine and medical science. More awards


SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER, a pioneering and leading biomedical clinic: In 1975 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff opened the ground breaking SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER reporting directly to the minister of health in Bulgaria. Prof. Dr. Pamukoff was so successful and popular that his clinic became one of the first Phytotherapy centers in Europe that has been officially working as a department of a Ministry of Health with the task of combating difficult medical conditions such as obesity, asthma and epilepsy. Also, it has been among the pioneering and leading biomedical clinics worldwide.


Positive results are observed after 3 to 5 days.
Lungs are with size of a football stadium and in serious cases of chronic and asthmatic bronchitis the treatment may take up to 6 or 9 months.Over 540,000 patients from all over the world have been cured there.

Many celebrities have been treated in the clinic of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff – actors, singers, writers, scientists as well as politicians. His success with difficult medical conditions has been such that thousands of patients have come to see him from many countries around the globe – UK, France, Russia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Greece, Ukraine, US, Mexico, Australia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, etc.


MAKING THE HISTORY OF BIO MEDICINE: A section devoted to the scientific work of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff and the Scientific Phytotherapy Center can be found in the historic book ‘'Green Pharmacy’' (London 1981) by Barbara Griggs. The book presented an authoritative study on the history and evolution of western botanical medicine from ancient days in Greece and Rome to modern biomedicine.

More interesting information about Dr. Pamukoff and plants as medicines









Plants as Medicines & Their Secrets

by Dr. Pamukoff






Beauty News





New sensational research about plants and natural slimming methods!


SLIMPAM special edition for women and SLIMPAM special edition for men have generated phenomenal interest. Known as the celebrity drink, as it is used by actors, models and ballet dancers. You can read more about the latest developments in the article on this page: SLIMPAM® for a perfect silhouette.


Why most diets make you fat?

The secrets of good food and plants to keep you fit




Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has found during his practice that one of the main causes of weight gain is exhausting dieting. Dieting makes you fat. Many people get more overweight after diets that force them to starve. After they start eating normally they become more overweight than before going on diet. This is because as you reduce your food intake to lose weight, your body put itself on 'famine alert'. It gets the impression that food is scarce and therefore it slows down your metabolism to get the best use of the small amount of food it is receiving.



When you say you want to lose weight, what you actually want to lose is fat. If you lose weight rapidly, almost 25 percent of that weight loss can be made up of water, muscle and other lean tissue. The reason for this is that your body is actually programmed to hold on to fat. So in times of what your body considers to be a 'famine', it will actually go as far as breaking down muscle and losing water in order to hold on to its fat reserves. Faddy diets suggest that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week, but remember this: it is physically impossible to lose more than 900g (2lb) of body fat in a week.


Furthermore, when you lose weight quickly by restricting your intake and then go back to eating normally, a much higher percentage of the food you eat is laid down as fat. Why? Because your body wants to build up extra fat stores, in case this type of famine occurs again. There's also the question of metabolism. When you crash diet, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy and make the most out of the small amounts you are eating. What happens when you go back to eating normally? Well, everything you eat is being dealt with at a much slower rate and more fat is stored.

Then, most people get the yo-yo effect - In this process, the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of loosing weight but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again...and again...and again until the body stops functioning normally.

Top secret recepy of how to eat a lot of tasty food and not gain weight

You should eat normally balanced and varied food, as you need varios elements and vitamins to be healthy and look well.


1. Avoid mixing meat and potatoes. It contributes to fast weight gain. You can eat both meat and potatoes but do that in separate meals. - Top contributor for getting fat!

2. Try not to mix many different foods during your meal. You can eat a lot, as much as you want but try eating only one to three different types of foods.

3. You can eat as much chocolate as you want if you don't have diabetes and be fit. However, cakes with cream or ice cream make you fat. - Top contributor for getting fat!

4. Have an early dinner - at least two-three hours before bed.

5. Eat a lot of food rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. These are great to boost your energy, to reduce cellulites and keep your youth. Vitamin C is a common enzymatic cofactor used in the synthesis of collagen. - Top tasty teas and foods that help us looking great!

Background information: Scurvy is resulting from lack of vitamin C, since without this vitamin, the synthesised collagen is too unstable to perform its function. Scurvy leads to the formation of brown spots on the skin, varicose veins, problems with vision, spongy gums, and bleeding from all mucous membranes. A person with the ailment looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized. In advanced scurvy there are open wounds and loss of teeth. According to Jonathan Lamb, "In 1499, Vasco da Gama lost 116 of his crew of 170; In 1520, Magellan lost 208 out of 230;...all mainly to scurvy." The human body can store only a certain amount of vitamin C, and so the body stores are depleted if fresh supplies are not consumed.
How long: The time frame for onset of symptoms of scurvy in unstressed adults switched to a completely vitamin C free diet, however, may range from one month to more than six months, depending on previous loading of vitamin C.

Minimum daily need of vitamin C - 100 mg. Highest vitamin C:
Tasty herbal tea: You can get sufficient daily dose of vitamin C in 1 cup made from 2 teabags (3 g) rooibos, rose hip, roses or dandelion tea (combination of roses and dandelion is used also in the formulae of SLIMPAM). You should not boil the herbs, just steep them for 30 min. in hot water.


Tasty food: 2-3 red peppers, 200 g. of strawberries, 300 g garlic (if you could eat that much), 2-3 oranges, 2-3 lemons, 8-9 manderins or tangerines, 1 kg of tomatoes, blueberries, cranberies.
Tasty food of animal origin: 400 g. raw oysters, 900 g. fried chicken or calf liver

Least vitamin C: eggplant - you need 6 kg., lettuce and cucumber - 3 kg
Cooking and storage: Vitamin C concentrations in various food substances decrease with time in proportion to the temperature they are stored at and cooking can reduce the Vitamin C content of vegetables by around 60% possibly partly due to increased enzymatic destruction as it may be more significant at sub-boiling temperatures. Longer cooking times also add to this effect, as will copper food vessels, which catalyse the decomposition.

Is synthetic vitamin C good for us? Try using natural sources.

Best herb of the month: Taraxacum Officinale - Dandelion

Taraxacum is an interesting plant with extremely high content of vitamins and other valuable elements. Dr. Pamukoff has used it in his celebrity drink SLIMPAM.



Weight loss: Taraxacum has been used to improve metabolism. It is a natural multivitamin, also a diuretic, to increase the amount of urine the body produces in order to get rid of excess fluid. It has been used for many conditions where a diuretic might help, such as liver problems and high blood pressure. Fresh or dried dandelion herb is also used to improve upset stomach. The root of the dandelion plant may act as a mild laxative and has been used to improve digestion. A few animal studies also suggest that dandelion helps fight inflammation.


Other health benefits of dandelion include the following:

  • Bone and Joint Health: Dandelion is beneficial for growth and strength of bones and joints. It fights inflammation and it is rich in anti oxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin, which protect bones and joints from age related damages due to free radicals, such as weakening and loss in density.
  • Liver Disorders: Dandelion can help liver in many ways. While its anti oxidants such as vitamin-C and Luteolin keeps it functioning in full gear and protect it from aging, other compounds in it help treating hemorrhage in liver, maintaining proper flow of bile etc. It also stimulates liver and promotes digestion.
  • Diabetes: Dandelion juice can help diabetic patients by stimulating production of insulin from pancreas and thus help keeping low the blood sugar level. Since it diuretic in nature, it makes the diabetic patients urinate frequently which too helps remove the extra sugar from the body. Moreover, diabetics are prone to renal problems. The diuretic properties of dandelion can help removing the sugar deposition in the kidneys through urine. Moreover, dandelion juice is slightly bitter to taste, which also effectively lowers sugar level in the blood, as all bitter substances do.
  • Urinary Disorders: Dandelion is highly diuretic in nature. In fact, its French name literally means “urinate in bed”. Thereby it helps clean deposits of toxic substances in the kidneys and the urinary system. Moreover, its disinfectant properties inhibit microbial growth in the urinary system.
  • Skin Care: Dandelion sap, also known as dandelion milk, is useful in treating skin diseases which are caused due to microbial and fungal infection, as this sap is highly alkaline and have germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. Care should be taken while using this sap as to avoid its contact with eyes.
  • Acne: Dandelion juice is a good detoxifier, diuretic, stimulant and anti oxidant. These four properties make it a good treatment for acne. Before we know how it treats acne, we must know what causes it. Acne is caused mainly during teens, when the body undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes. The hormones, which bring about changes in the body, if do not maintain proper ratio among themselves or are not regulated properly, tend to deposit as toxic substances in the body which tend to come out with sweat through the sweat glands or sebaceous glands on the skin. Now, during these changes, these glands secret more oils which, mixed with dead skin, block the pores and the secretion is obstructed. Due to this, these toxic substances cannot escape and result in acne. This is further worsened by the microbial infections on the effected places. Dandelion juice, being a stimulant, diuretic and detoxifier in nature, can help regulate proper secretion of hormones, increases sweating and widens up the pores facilitating removal of toxics through sweat and also through urine, as it is diuretic too. Its sap, if externally applied on acne, can inhibit microbial infection.
  • Jaundice: Jaundice is primarily a disorder of the liver in which it starts over producing bile, which ultimately gets into the blood stream damaging the whole metabolism. The excess of bile is also reflected through color of the skin, eyes etc. The treatment of jaundice includes three main steps. First, checking production of bile; second, removal of excess bile from the body and third, fighting the viral infection. Dandelion is very helpful in all of these. It promotes liver health and regulates bile production. Being diuretic in nature, it promotes urination through which the excess bile is removed. Finally, being anti oxidant and disinfectant in nature due to presence of vitamin-C and Luteolin, it fights viral infection too. It is more beneficial if taken with sugarcane juice, since it replaces the sugar in the body which is very much lowered due to action of bile, causing extreme fatigue and weakness.
  • Gall Bladder Disorders: Dandelion is very beneficial for gall bladder and liver, as it improves their functioning, protects them from ill effects of oxidants and infections and regulates secretions from them.
  • Anemia: Dandelion has pretty good iron, vitamin and protein content. While iron is the integral part of hemoglobin in the blood, vitamins (particularly vitamin-B) and protein are essential for formation of red blood cells and certain other components of the blood. This way dandelion can help anemic people.
  • High Blood Pressure: Urinating is an effective way of lowering blood pressure. In fact, most of the modern drugs for lowering blood pressure are based on this phenomenon. Dandelion juice, being diuretic in nature, increases urinating, both in quantity and frequency and thus helps lower high blood pressure. Dandelion is also helpful in reducing cholesterol and thereby assists lowering of blood pressure, since cholesterol is one of the factors which make blood pressure high.
  • Content

    Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
    Energy 188 kJ (45 kcal)
    Carbohydrates 9.2 g
    - Sugars 0.71 g
    - Dietary fiber 3.5 g
    Fat 0.7 g
    - saturated 0.17 g
    Protein 2.7 g
    Water 85.6 g
    Vitamin A equiv. 508 g (64%)
    - beta-carotene 5854 g (54%)
    - lutein and zeaxanthin 13610 g
    Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.19 mg (17%)
    Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.26 mg (22%)
    Niacin (vit. B3) 0.806 mg (5%)
    Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.084 mg (2%)
    Vitamin B6 0.251 mg (19%)
    Folate (vit. B9) 27 mg (7%)
    Choline 35.3 mg (7%)
    Vitamin C 35.0 mg (42%)
    Vitamin D 0.0 mg (0%)
    Vitamin E 3.44 mg (23%)
    Vitamin K 778.4 g (741%)
    Calcium 187 mg (19%)
    Iron 3.1 mg (24%)
    Magnesium 36 mg (10%)
    Manganese 0.342 mg (16%)
    Phosphorus 66 mg (9%)
    Potassium 397 mg (8%)
    Sodium 76 mg (5%)
    Zinc 0.41 mg (4%)
    Percentages are relative to US recommendations for adults.
    Source: USDA Nutrient Database



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    1. Clinical findings: plants for diabetes


    Plants and food help diabetes and can regulate blood sugar levels. Good foods include green beans, lettuce, and beetroot. Dr. Pamukoff also recommends adding cinnamon powder to your coffee and in food, as it also regulates blood sugar. They have insulin-like substances. How do they work?

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    2. Effective treatment with medicinal plants


    Expect: Practical Phytotherapy Part II Best plant extracts



    It was not until the early 20th century that researchers began to synthesize drugs. Aspirin, often considered in the western world as a ‘wonder drug,’ even has its ties to plants. Ancient Greeks, as well as tribes of Native Americans, used extracts of willow tree bark (Salix sp.) to treat pain, which lead to the discovery of the compound acetylsalicylic acid. This is the wonder drug’s painkilling ingredient. A large portion of the world’s modern medicines have been synthesized from plant chemicals in much this same way... (The article continues in the next issue)





    Practical Phytotherapy Part I: Chemical composition and action of plants

    A colleague of mine once said,“Mother Nature… is an infinitely more ingenious and exciting chemist” (Taylor, 2004). Plants often protect themselves by producing chemicals. When ingested by humans these same toxins can have different effects. The chemicals in plants that produce the medicinal effects are called phyto-chemicals. These are often characterized by a bitter taste.

    The effective treatment with herbal teas in 21 century requires deep knowledge of the chemical composition and the pharmacodynamic action of the chemicals in the plants. The combination of many medicinal plants with the same effect is not needed but in some cases the rational combination of several herbs is advisable and gives good results.


    It is known that in all diseases, it is not only a certain organ that is affected but the whole body. The herbal treatment works best when the mixture contains plants that treat both the whole body and the affected organ. The action of each herb should be taken into consideration to be sure that none of them interferes with the purpose of the formula.

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    The innovative and unique effect of BRONCHO PAM. More cutting-edge medical research about causes and treatment of flu and bronchitis on: Treatment of Flu, Bronchitis and Respiratory Diseases


    5. Phytotherapy and interesting worldwide research:


    As recently as the late 1800s, plants were still the singular form of accepted pharmacological treatment for disease. John Rudolphy’s Pharmaceutical Director of All the Crude Drugs Now in General Use; Their Etymology and Names in Alphabetical Order, (2nd edition, 1872) is a botanical list of all the plants known at that time which were used to treat physical ailments. No other chemicals were employed in the field of medicine; plants were the only ‘drugs’ used to treat illness.


    Worldwide Phytotherapy Research

    As usually you can e-mail your questions to Dr. Pamukoff at the section Contact.

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